First Day Home From College

It is fall pause and I finally made it home to central Ohio. After being away for about two months nothing has changed, yet everything is different.
My cat. My favorite animal in the entire world now hates me. I walked into the house, greeted his fuzzy warm face and he ran away from me. He now wont be in the same room with me and im pretty sure in my absence he convinced himself that I was dead and he is now seeing the ghost of the person he used to love so much. As you can tell im an absolute mess about my familiar’s detachment.

I have also seen my best friends. I missed these boys more than I really every though possible. There is something so magical and almost sacred about a hug from someone who honestly wants to embrace you because they adore and love who you are.
I got to hug this one boy who I was rather worried had forgotten about me. nope. Unlike my cat this friend missed me so greatly that he wants to see me everyday im back home. Would it be super nerdy to do my chemistry homework with my old lab partner? nope? Good.

I attended a football game as a graduated alum. HOLY SHIT LET ME JUST SAY. THAT IS A STRANGE EXPERIENCE

I realized my room is MASSIVE compared to my dorm. I cried on my queen sized bed while nightmare of my twin XL haunted me. My 7 year old laptop was waiting faithfully for me, and im currently writing on its dusty worn out keys.

In summary I really fucking missed home and it is perfect. I love college but there is something beautful about the room you grew old in.